About Melanie

Dr Melanie O’Shea – B.App.Sc. (Clinical. Sc.), B.Osteo.Sc., Grad. Dip. Animal Chiro.

Melanie graduated from R.M.I.T University (Melbourne) in 1997 after completing the five-year double degree (Bachelor of Applied Science – Clinical Science and Bachelor of Osteopathic Science).  Melanie then worked in private practice for three years in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and lectured at RMIT University in the area of Osteopathic techniques, before moving to Bendigo in 2000.

Having had the great privilege of working in smaller rural setting Melanie strives in maintaining open lines of communication and referral to those around her in areas of expertise including nurses, lactation consultants and maternal health nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, myotherapists, general medical practitioners, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, orthopaedic specialists, neurologists, Pilates instructors, fitness instructors and occupational therapists to name a few.  Melanie sees the teamwork between appropriate disciplines as a vital part of the overall approach to optimal health.

Melanie enjoys using a wide variety of technique approaches for the musculoskeletal system or an appropriate referral network to achieve the best results possible for each individual case.

Other than her family, the other passion in her life are horses.  To consolidate her understanding of the horse in 2005/06 Melanie (along with a group of veterinarians, chiropractors and osteopaths) undertook postgraduate studies in animal chiropractic.  As such, now armed with a knowledge of both the horse and riders body mechanics, her aim is to aid riders achieve optimal horse and rider balance throughout their equestrian pursuits.

As all Osteopaths Melanie is registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA).

She is also a member of Osteopathy Australia and Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia.